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  • One of the more memorable plays of his career occurred during this season.
  • Having two women in a rock band made the band more memorable.
  • His characters were often so memorable that they took on a life of their own outside his books.
  • It has always been one of the most memorable moments of my career.
  • Its main literary value and appeal is formed by its numerous memorable characters.
  • The event is open to the public to view and is a very memorable experience.
  • He later described it as one of the most memorable moments of his life.
  • This in itself would be enough to make any film memorable.
  • He gave one of the most memorable performances in the history of the festival.
  • Lewis reported the event was one of the three most memorable of his life.
  • In his debut season he put in several notable performances and scored a series of memorable goals.
  • However all four members would later recall this concert as most memorable of their career.
  • They knew that they wanted a song that would be easy to sing and memorable.
  • What made this win memorable was the team line-up.
  • Later albums also contained memorable songs, but with less popularity than the earlier ones.
  • This is considered a memorable event in the life of a person.
  • This race turned out to be one of the most memorable in the sport's history.
  • However, she has stated that the experience was not particularly memorable or influential.
  • This death scene has been noted as a particularly memorable one in the history of comics.
  • The team also celebrated some of the building's memorable moments throughout the season.
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