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  • He wrote several self-published books which were spiritual and meditative in nature.
  • How strange it is that meditative men like to watch the ways of wild things! Cited from The Ethics of Drink and Other Social Questions, by James Runciman
  • He has since gone on to become a producer of spiritual and meditative music.
  • It was past one when we reached home, and now a meditative man might well have gone to bed. Cited from Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete, by John Symonds
  • In a normal meditative state, both groups were shown to have similar brain activity.
  • Dadhichi then went into a deep meditative state and released his life force from his body.
  • "I must speak to my mother!" he said, in a meditative way. Cited from The Elect Lady, by George MacDonald
  • Then the bear dropped down once more, and eyed them in a meditative way. Cited from The Rover Boys In The Mountains, by Arthur M. Winfield
  • "What was she like?" asked the girl, still with that meditative air. Cited from The Necromancers, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • I take a much more meditative approach to the performance.
  • Once you have a meditative life you start to see that the world is really far different than what it appears to be.
  • He contemplated her with a meditative air now and then, when she was not looking his way. Cited from The Lovels of Arden, by M. E. Braddon
  • He was very quiet and spoke in a clear, meditative voice. Cited from An Unpardonable Liar, by Gilbert Parker
  • He was a tall man of nearly fifty, with grey hair, and quiet meditative blue eyes. Cited from Wilfrid Cumbermede, by George MacDonald
  • Essentially and constantly meditative, he has not strength enough left to deal with what is outside him. Cited from Amiel's Journal, by Henri Frederic Amiel, Tr. Ward
  • These groups have a meditative value -- we take time out to consider them in the rush of life.
  • Mary came out first, and wore a very meditative look. Cited from A Perilous Secret, by Charles Reade
  • He was looking at the inside of his right hand in a meditative way, as if it recalled something. Cited from The Primadonna, by F. Marion Crawford
  • In these two years, the meditative character was fashioned within himself, and thus the writer was born.
  • He appears more meditative than ever, as though some question has come before his mind calling for deliberate examination. Cited from The Lone Ranche, by Captain Mayne Reid
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