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  • When he was six years old, he entered a mediocre school for primary study.
  • She states that she would rather die than live a mediocre existence.
  • The men's football team played with mediocre success on lower levels.
  • The first couple of years were mediocre and they didn't have any success.
  • After the new stadium was completed interest in playing football there on a top level has been mediocre.
  • Despite many mediocre seasons, support for the team has remained strong.
  • He was fired at the end of the next season due to mediocre results.
  • However, in recent years, the school's football program has been mediocre.
  • He does mediocre in studies, and his only interest is food.
  • There are so many artists out there that do mediocre material but can sing.
  • A league that used to be one of the best in the world is now considered mediocre at best.
  • Poor health in his youth resulted in mediocre grades during his primary and secondary education.
  • Upon its release, the book received mediocre reviews but sold well.
  • The books were a success with the public, but literary critics considered them mediocre.
  • It is a mediocre work which he has done for money.
  • He later married a white woman, had two children, and lived out his life as a successful yet mediocre business man.
  • They could have either a mediocre son who would live a long life or an extraordinary son who would die early.
  • He commonly jokes about his playing career being nothing more than mediocre during broadcasts.
  • The group's popularity in the music industry was mediocre and they achieved limited success.
  • This mediocre marriage left her too weak to protect her status.
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