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  • It mostly occurs word-finally, but in some cases it may also occur word-medially.
  • Some of them divided medially on the surface to form two plates beside each other.
  • All clusters can occur word-medially; those on a red background can also occur word-initially.
  • All consonants occur initially and medially; they never occur in final position.
  • These cells receive input as well as project back toward various regions, both laterally and medially.
  • The remaining area is brown with dark brown spots medially.
  • The antemedian band is dark brown but with some ground colour medially.
  • They open outwards (to the sides of the head) and come together medially.
  • All consonants appear initially, medially, and finally with the exception that and do not occur word-finally.
  • All fricatives occur only word-initially and medially, never finally.
  • The flap r is only found medially except in loan words.
  • Thus, modern Frisian varieties have word-initially in most words, and medially.
  • All known long vowels may occur medially or at ends of words, none at the beginning, though long are not attested.
  • An l is only found in loans, and is generally substituted by medially and initially.
  • Ganda is unusual in that gemination can occur word-initially, as well as word-medially.
  • Liquid and nasal codas occur word medially and at the ends of frequently-used function words, so they are often acquired first.
  • The ground colour of the forewings is lettuce green with a dark-grey area medially.
  • These are independent, but occur only medially when phonemic.
  • For a period of time, both jaw joints existed together, one medially and one laterally.
  • Sometimes, the lines do not meet medially, thus leading to a chevron marking posteriorly.
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Meaning of medially

  • adverb In a medial position
    this consonant always occurs medially