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  • In mediaeval Germany, the personal name was quite popular among the noble class.
  • Similar late-mediaeval market houses, with a long chamber on the upper floor, are rare.
  • Beside the east window on the east wall are the remains of a mediaeval wall painting.
  • A wooden castle is believed to have stood on the site in mediaeval times.
  • Many mediaeval buildings built in the town as a result of that trade survive.
  • In the mediaeval era, many great nobles employed their own officers of arms.
  • There then arose a mediaeval town whose highest governing body was its council.
  • Another popular annual event is the Mediaeval Fair, which takes place in mid-May.
  • The word was carried over to other political associations in mediaeval and modern Greek history.
  • In the village core, the mediaeval street network has remained largely preserved.
  • Their later work became more influenced by mediaeval music.
  • The area around Mary-le-Port Street was thus the most ancient part of the mediaeval city.
  • The mediaeval market was divided into sections, each dealing with a particular trade.
  • The origin of the States is unknown, but has operated from the mediaeval period.
  • Its mediaeval stone gated bridge is the only one of its type remaining in Britain.
  • The Border ballads of the region have been famous since late mediaeval times.
  • These form the most complete mediaeval church interior in Scotland.
  • Japan then left its mediaeval feudal system, opening up to foreign influences and modern western technology and culture.
  • The origin of the States is unknown, but it has operated from the mediaeval period.
  • This corn mill stood within the city walls, and disappeared in mediaeval times.
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