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  • The first ones were mechanically based and of very low resolution, sometimes with no sound.
  • Six mechanically similar cars had been built earlier to special order, but it was not regularly available until then.
  • Such devices would not have any mechanically moving parts and would store both sound and movies.
  • They were almost always one of the most mechanically problematic parts of these vehicles.
  • An additional boat will be manned and mechanically ready at all times as a ready response boat.
  • Mechanically, very little was changed from the previous model.
  • The internal energy of a mechanically isolated system may therefore change due to the exchange of heat energy and mass.
  • The number of features used to be limited by the number of lines that could be practically used to mechanically control them.
  • Although it is lighter than another traditional protection material, lead, it is much stronger mechanically.
  • Mechanically it has little in common with the traditional solar sail design.
  • Some mechanically powered flashlights include additional functions and features beyond just a source of light.
  • In these cases, judges merely mechanically apply the rules which fall within their jurisdiction.
  • The hands were still moved mechanically by a wheel train.
  • These mechanically simple designs cannot work when stationary, so the aircraft must be launched to flying speed by some other method.
  • Sometimes the flesh is removed mechanically without the need to dry the fruits.
  • Mechanically, there were also some minor differences, mostly due to the use of Spanish-built engines and other parts.
  • These early machines were relatively small, mechanically simple and designed to sit on a counter or bar top.
  • Although each machine works differently mechanically, the way they function is similar mathematically.
  • A fast cooling rate is chosen to create a fine grain structure that is most mechanically sound.
  • It was available in relatively large numbers and was generally mechanically reliable.
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Meaning of mechanically

  • adverb In a mechanical manner; by a mechanism
    this door opens mechanically
  • adverb In a machinelike manner; without feeling
    he smiled mechanically