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  • Meanwhile air combat on the Western Front had a much different character.
  • Meanwhile, her husband's life was constantly in danger when he was on campaign.
  • The King, meanwhile, spent much of the summer away from the city, hunting.
  • Meanwhile, prices on goods and services remain some of the highest of any city.
  • Meanwhile the center was having serious supply problems and could no longer hope to maintain an offensive.
  • This did not go well, and meanwhile he spent time teaching mathematics to first year engineering students.
  • Meanwhile a reporter begins to ask questions about what happened at the hospital.
  • Meanwhile unknown to him events were taking a turn at Oxford that would give him a new career.
  • Meanwhile, the song rose to number one in the United Kingdom and most of Europe.
  • The British meanwhile moved ahead with their plans for union.
  • Meanwhile Fred continued his interest in rare books developing an interest in western history.
  • The court party, meanwhile, raised their own similar-sized force in London.
  • Meanwhile, other countries have large interests in the region.
  • Meanwhile, the crew continues to try to figure out where they are and whether they can return to Earth.
  • England, meanwhile, could only build a dozen ships, due to financial difficulties.
  • Meanwhile, the Democratic primary did not produce a first-round winner.
  • Meanwhile, he had asked Mary Welsh to marry him on their third meeting.
  • Meanwhile, the United States federal government does not offer any initiatives at all.
  • Meanwhile, the built-up areas have expanded greatly, and some suburbanization has taken place.
  • This prediction meanwhile has proved to be true in a variety of fields.
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Words starting with meanwhile

Meaning of meanwhile

  • adverb At the same time but in another place
    meanwhile, back at the ranch...
  • adverb During the intervening time
    meanwhile I will not think about the problem, meantime he was attentive to his other interests, in the meantime the police were notified