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  • It was subsequently used in other parts of speech with much the same meaning.
  • However, the term is also used in time series analysis with a different meaning.
  • Meaning is therefore not fully under the control of the individual language user.
  • In ancient mathematics they had a different meaning from what they now have.
  • Our life must have meaning for us to value it.
  • The meaning of the two terms are almost the same.
  • Software is also sometimes used in a more narrow sense, meaning application software only.
  • Common names are given but may vary, as they have no set meaning.
  • Over time this meaning has been co-opted and has eventually been changed.
  • There are many words of similar meaning in other languages.
  • If we accept that life has no meaning and therefore no value, should we kill ourselves?
  • Why and when he decided to change his perspective of the meaning is unknown.
  • The word software is also sometimes used in a more narrow sense, meaning application software only.
  • The sources themselves do not give the meaning of any of the names, only of the three words.
  • It is not always clear which meaning is intended.
  • Individual language users operate within a system of meaning that is given to them from outside.
  • However, eye contact can have a very different meaning in some Asian countries.
  • The first three end with the same word in sound but different meanings.
  • For a given meaning, the words of the languages are compared.
  • The word magazine has the same meaning in French.
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Root form of meaning is mean for the verb.

Meaning of meaning

  • noun The message that is intended or expressed or signified
    what is the meaning of this sentence, the significance of a red traffic light, the signification of Chinese characters, the import of his announcement was ambiguous
  • noun The idea that is intended
    What is the meaning of this proverb?
  • verb Mean or intend to express or convey
    You never understand what I mean!, what do his words intend?
  • verb Denote or connote
    `maison' means `house' in French, An example sentence would show what this word means
  • verb Have a specified degree of importance
    My ex-husband means nothing to me, Happiness means everything
  • verb Destine or designate for a certain purpose
    These flowers were meant for you