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  • His first mayoral term was two years in length, and he was subsequently reelected to three four-year terms.
  • Mayoral candidates in the general election are chosen in an open primary.
  • The new building contained meeting rooms and mayoral and official offices.
  • The at-large and mayoral seats come up together for vote followed two years later by the five ward seats.
  • His mayoral ship would last for two years.
  • The new building, on the site of the old prison, contained meeting rooms and mayoral and official offices.
  • The mayoral position became a full-time paid position following the 2008 elections.
  • He was subsequently elected in the first mayoral election.
  • Two council seats come up for election together with the mayoral seat and the three other council seats come up for vote two years later.
  • Just two days later the Common Council proposed a new official seal, the Mayoral version.
  • He worked closely with African-American community leaders, and many supported him in his mayoral campaigns.
  • However, Jones himself would die during his mayoral term.
  • Terms are staggered, with three commission seats up for election each year plus the mayoral seat up every other year.
  • The act moved Mayoral elections to April, whereas they had previously taken place in November.
  • His mayoral administration had to deal with hard financial times in the late 1830s.
  • Towns do not have a mayoral office and their head of the council serves as the main representative of the whole settlement.
  • He returned to his insurance business in 1992, after his mayoral service ended.
  • After dropping out of the mayoral race, his supporters convinced him to re-enter.
  • She was active in politics from high school, when she worked to register voters in a mayoral campaign.
  • Johnson chose not to seek selection as mayoral candidate for a third time.
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Meaning of mayoral

  • adjective Of or relating to a mayor or the office of mayor
    mayoral elections