mayoral term

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  • However, the building was razed less than a month into his mayoral term.
  • During his mayoral term, he introduced a bill that established free public schools in Nashville.
  • City Council and Mayoral terms of office begin in the month of January.
  • Mayoral terms are four years, with no limit on the number of terms an individual may be elected to.
  • The short mayoral term can make it difficult for politicians to achieve longer term goals.
  • After his mayoral term, he returned to operate his furniture business.
  • His first mayoral term was two years in length, and he was subsequently reelected to three four-year terms.
  • During his mayoral term, he wanted to include the prohibition of weapons in the city.
  • Outside of his mayoral term, he built houses.
  • However, Jones himself would die during his mayoral term.
  • Wise's mayoral term concluded when he resigned to run for Congress.
  • Unless otherwise noted, mayoral terms begin and end in December.
  • He won his second mayoral term in the first round and secured a strong coalition in the City Council.
  • He was the first politician elected to two successive mayoral terms in Chicago.
  • Once he completed his mayoral term, he returned to the direction of the local hospital, and did so until 1976.
  • Upon completion of his mayoral term in 1896, he won an election to return to city council.
  • Her police protection came to an end when her mayoral term expired in 2011.
  • At the time, mayoral terms were one year.
  • He's been a member ever since and has served various mayoral terms, the latest being in 2008.
  • In 1952, David again was a narrow winner for another two-year mayoral term.
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