mayoral bid

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  • He soon was put in charge of Joseph G. Armstrong's 1913 mayoral bid.
  • Jess fears the video could ruin her father's mayoral bid and tries to conceal the news of her affair and the video from him.
  • George platformed on this philosophy in his 1886 New York City mayoral bid, and despite losing was successful enough for a subsequent run.
  • If she had been successful in her mayoral bid, Mary Norwood would have become Atlanta's first white mayor in 36 years.
  • Lynch served as campaign manager for Dinkins's mayoral bid in 1989.
  • He resigned from his job on the City Court bench on September 6, 1957 to pursue his mayoral bid.
  • In 1968, Welch's last term was marred by controversy, being that his second mayoral bid was financed by questionable sources.
  • The CTF also tied its fortunes to city politics; in 1905 it supported the mayoral bid of Edward Dunne.
  • Ran against James Brett, Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Assistant Secretary of Energy, to secure his first mayoral bid after serving as acting mayor.
  • In January 2013, a number of articles were ran in the Age newspaper accusing Peulich of intervening directly on behalf of her son in his mayoral bid.
  • After Taubenberger's mayoral bid, elected Mayor Nutter appointed Taubenberger to the newly formed bipartisan Philadelphia Jobs Commission.
  • He was also the first labor leader to serve on the Portland City Council, but was unsuccessful in a mayoral bid, largely due to a vigorous campaign by The Oregonian, the city's largest newspaper, to discredit him.
  • He followed Bloomberg into politics in 2001, designated "the architect of Mr. Bloomberg's unlikely mayoral bid" by The New York Times.
  • Together with his future comrades in the Socialist Labor Party, Hugo Vogt and Daniel DeLeon, Sanial served on the Organization Committee for the United Labor Party -- the political entity back of George's mayoral bid.
  • In November 2012, Peulich accused Liberal member Geoff Gledhill and supporter Tamsin Bearsley of party disloyalty for failing to vote for her son in his mayoral bid.
  • The councilman maintains his son's innocence, and claims there was a "conspiracy" within the Oakland Police Department to target his son, and publicize the charges, for the purpose of embarrassing the elder De La Fuente during his unsuccessful 2006 mayoral bid.
  • In the primary, David led A. Eugene Frazier, who made a second mayoral bid, this time on a platform calling for fluoridation of municipal water, and another young lawyer, Henry Grady Hobbs (1923-2012), a Sarepta native who subsequently served eighteen years as the Minden city attorney.