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  • A mayoral election is held in even years for a two year term.
  • Following his defeat in the mayoral campaign, he once again ran for lieutenant governor.
  • Two years later, the three at-large and the mayoral seats are up for election.
  • Workers liked his golden rule policy and united behind him, and he won the mayoral election.
  • The mayoral role is largely ceremonial with no more power than any council member.
  • Only the Mayoral seat will be up for election at that time.
  • The group won every mayoral and council election for two decades.
  • Mayoral elections were originally run under a two-round system.
  • Not only did he win the mayoral race three times, he increased his winning margin in the third election.
  • Bloomberg replaced the school board set up by the state with direct mayoral control over public education.
  • His illness led him to take a leave of absence from mayoral duties.
  • City Council and Mayoral terms of office begin in the month of January.
  • Elections for both mayoral and legislative offices are held every fourth year.
  • He served two terms in that position before making his first mayoral run in 1908.
  • Mayoral terms are four years, with no limit on the number of terms an individual may be elected to.
  • The short mayoral term can make it difficult for politicians to achieve longer term goals.
  • However, due to huge election costs, mayoral and municipal elections have never been held.
  • In that year, he was fired because he did not agree with a mayoral election.
  • A major issue during the primary mayoral campaign was crime.
  • After his mayoral term, he returned to operate his furniture business.
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Meaning of mayoral

  • adjective Of or relating to a mayor or the office of mayor
    mayoral elections