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  • The laboratory used different measures in order to maximally avoid these critical points.
  • One can always be maximally objective but one does not have to be.
  • If there is more than one way to capture the maximally possible number of pieces, the player may choose which to take.
  • Usually it reaches up to in length, maximally, although in South Wales they are usually not more than long.
  • On the other hand, it should maximally capture the characteristics common to all contributing languages.
  • The whole-tone scale is also maximally even, for instance adjacent notes are separated only by whole-tones.
  • They allow only syllables with maximally one initial and one final consonant.
  • Thus, it is essential to know if the production and distribution of national product made by an economy is maximally efficient.
  • Aircraft are usually optimized to maximally exploit one benefit, though will gain in the other.
  • It is commonly used by more advanced practitioners due to the logistics involved in training all muscle groups maximally.
  • One point is given per contribution (maximally one function per target is given points) and ten points are awarded for a target winner.
  • The above variation is most difficult when the muscle is maximally contracted, and allows both arms to be worked out at once.
  • Men's suits could only maximally cover from the waist to the knee.
  • Nosair was sentenced to twenty-two years of imprisonment, the maximally allowed term.
  • Bright pink is a maximally saturated tone of pink that is another name for the color rose.
  • As medical students are allowed to borrow more, medical schools raise tuition prices to maximally increase revenue.
  • The most basic form of local search is based on choosing the change that maximally decreases the cost of the solution.
  • Further, weapons have certain ranges where they are minimally and maximally effective, which gives the different weapon types different playing styles.
  • However, ambushes often intend to let the point element past the prime killing zone in order to be maximally effective.
  • Across Europe, because of the extreme demands on industries and the economy, central planning was required to make production maximally efficient.
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Meaning of maximally

  • adverb To a maximal degree
    the cells maximally responsive to lines in this orientation will fire