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  • A set can have several maximal elements without having a greatest element.
  • Therefore, the greatest possible being must have maximal excellence in every possible world.
  • The maximal order question can be examined at a local field level.
  • If this number is locally maximal, then a feature of interest is present.
  • It forms during prenatal life and has reached its maximal size at birth.
  • Consider the closed path starting with e and then going back to the origin of e in the maximal tree.
  • Actual service life is the maximal recorded life of a product.
  • A chief series is a maximal normal series for a group.
  • Frequently, R is a local ring and m is then its unique maximal ideal.
  • The maximal ice age on the current shelf dates from only two hundred years ago.
  • However, if it has a greatest element, it can't have any other maximal element.
  • We first prove it for the case where X is chain complete and has no maximal element.
  • The set S has many maximal elements, i.e. elements for which there is no greater element.
  • In general, if an ordered set S has a greatest element m, m is a maximal element.
  • The force lines show the maximal internal forces and their directions.
  • His distributed algorithm to find a maximal independent set in a computer network has also been very influential.
  • In any human age group there is however considerable variation in maximal pupil size.
  • Functions should be divided into atomic units to allow for maximal re-composition freedom.
  • It must be taken at the start of main meals to have maximal effect.
  • An independent set that is not the subset of another independent set is called maximal.
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Meaning of maximal

  • adjective The greatest or most complete or best possible
    maximal expansion, maximum pressure