Maurice de Gaunt

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  • This edifice was built by one Maurice de Gaunt in the thirteenth century. Cited from Young Americans Abroad, by Various
  • Maurice de Gaunt constructed the original castle somewhat prior to 1229 without a royal licence, but was granted a licence to crenellate.
  • The castle was founded in 1229 by Maurice de Gaunt.
  • Two of these, in the south aisle chapel, are of knights which may be the church's founders, Maurice de Gaunt and Robert de Gournay.
  • The site is the remains of a Dominican friary, Blackfriars that was established by Maurice de Gaunt, c. 1227.
  • Blackfriars was founded as a Dominican priory by Maurice de Gaunt circa 1227.
  • Maurice de Gaunt was the founder, together with his nephew Robert de Gournay, of St Mark's Hospital in Bristol, otherwise known as Gaunt's Hospital.
  • The Gaunt's was a charitable foundation established in 1220 by Maurice de Gaunt (died 1230), who was a member of the Berkeley family of Berkeley Castle.
  • He died in 1604, whilst serving as MP, and was buried in The Gaunts Chapel, Bristol, where exists an effigy of him, which chapel had been founded in 1220 by Maurice de Gaunt (d. 1230), a member of the Berkeley family.