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  • She has been working for at least five years until the album finally materialized.
  • They also report that he has materialized out-of-season fruit several times.
  • The project never materialized and no official series of the movie has since developed.
  • Though a live recording did take place for release, the album never materialized.
  • Although the group announced they would soon be performing live again, nothing materialized.
  • He received no support for several years and the American company never materialized.
  • While the former did not materialize, the latter film did not feature her.
  • They are then led to believe that after the training the job would materialize.
  • Plans for the construction of the two additional buildings did not materialize though.
  • He had never had a girl materialize this way out of space and his own thoughts. Cited from Man to Man, by Jackson Gregory
  • She planned to follow her debut with a rock album, but it never materialized.
  • His plans never materialized, and the town buildings he constructed burned down several years later.
  • Young agreed; however, the show they spoke of and agreed upon never materialized.
  • They would wait there, and not materialize until this main army had joined them. Cited from The White Invaders, by Raymond King Cummings
  • Whatever we create in the thought world will some day materialize. Cited from The Power of Concentration, By Theron Q. Dumont
  • Only three books were released for this game, though there were plans for several others that never materialized.
  • If it materialized, it would be her first album in over a decade.
  • It would take six months for the products of the strike to fully materialize.
  • The network considered producing a second three-episode season to complete the story, but this never materialized.
  • However, because the political change shortly after, the project never materialized.
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