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  • Never was an operation of the like nature performed in so masterly a manner. Cited from Paris As It Was and As It Is,by Francis W. Blagdon
  • Had she not within the very last hour given a masterly example of her powers in this line? Cited from Deadham Hard, by Lucas Malet
  • During those years he also developed his piano to become a masterly piano player.
  • Difficult to see how even by most masterly management that can be accomplished. Cited from Punch, Vol. 100, 13 June 1891, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • I see you have a masterly touch for so young an artist. Cited from The Lovels of Arden, by M. E. Braddon
  • The answer, on her part, was no less masterly in its way. Cited from The Divine Fire, by May Sinclair
  • He seldom gets beyond force of style, nor has he produced any regular work or masterly whole. Cited from The Spirit of the Age, by William Hazlitt
  • When shall we hear of a masterly advance to our aid? Cited from Ladysmith, by H. W. Nevinson
  • Upon the whole, however, it is a masterly effort of modern art. Cited from A Bibliographical Tour, Volume Two, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
  • This is a masterly description of a race now all but passed away. Cited from Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character, by Edward Bannerman Ramsay
  • He is particularly renowned for his masterly treatment and use of light in his work.
  • Jesus is seen to be the one masterly figure in the week's events. Cited from Quiet Talks about Jesus, by S. D. Gordon
  • It has done its work with masterly power; and its work will endure. Cited from Studies in Early Victorian Literature, by Frederic Harrison
  • Happy man you should be, to whom the Heaven has allowed such masterly completion. Cited from The Correspondence of Carlyle and Emerson, Vol II, Carlyle and Emerson
  • His masterly treatment of the case is recognized throughout the country. Cited from Jukes-Edwards, by A. E. Winship
  • Does he live merely because of his unique style, his masterly use of the Latin tongue? Cited from Vanishing Roads and Other Essays, by Richard Le Gallienne
  • Nothing of the kind more masterly remains to us in Europe. Cited from Ravenna, A Study, by Edward Hutton
  • She repeated it to her friends, and was praised upon her masterly performance. Cited from More Toasts, by Various
  • Is it possible, say they, that a boy should produce compositions so beautiful and masterly? Cited from Lectures on the English Poets, by William Hazlitt
  • She had covered her tracks well -- and had done it in a masterly way because she had done it simply. Cited from Adventures of Jimmie Dale, by F. L. Packard
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