massively parallel

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  • Russell also invented an optical, massively parallel, memory system that uses no moving parts.
  • The standard has been revised since the initial release to make it more suited for modern high performance, massively parallel computers.
  • His research applied massively parallel techniques to high-performance computing.
  • The popularity of field hockey has also declined massively parallel to the decline of the Indian hockey team.
  • They produced hardware and software for clustering commodity computer systems into massively parallel systems.
  • Work is underway to port the code to run on massively parallel distributed memory architecture machines.
  • Massively parallel is a description that appears in computer science, life sciences, medical diagnostics, and other fields.
  • However, in time the demand for increased computational power ushered in the age of massively parallel systems.
  • The product represented one of the first Massively parallel (computing) applications in it area.
  • At the same time, the market was increasingly investing in massively parallel designs.
  • The full structure with positions of all reconstructed atoms has also been confirmed by massively parallel computation.
  • Teradata is a massively parallel processing system running a shared-nothing architecture.
  • The second version added /MP to its name, for Massively Parallel.
  • Today, with massively parallel computers, neutron transport is still under very active development in academia and research institutions throughout the world.
  • Similar arrangements were common on massively parallel machines in the 1980s.
  • BEAMing is now one of the core technologies used in some next-generation, massively parallel sequencing instruments.
  • The ILLIAC IV was one of the first attempts to build a massively parallel computer.
  • The ILLIAC IV was one of the first attempts at a massively parallel computer.
  • Image processing is therefore a suitable domain for a massively parallel approach using an SIMD architecture.
  • Cray set up a new company, SRC Computers, and started the design of his own massively parallel machine.
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