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  • The game includes both a single-player and a massively multi-player mode.
  • The agricultural economy has changed massively in recent years within the county.
  • It showed that public health issues were massively under-reported compared with their impact on people's lives.
  • This massively increased the number of citizens able to travel to the West.
  • India contributed massively to the British war effort by providing men and resources.
  • It would be many years before anything like it would appear outside of massively multiplayer online games.
  • The local road network was also massively improved during the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Soon they got a deal that would aid them massively in the gangster business.
  • The city expanded massively to the south west and the destroyed areas were quickly rebuilt.
  • Armies around the world have massively increased their mobility over the last one hundred years.
  • The damage done to opponents is increased massively, however damage done to the player is also increased.
  • Although he's most famous as comedian, some of his songs became famous and were massively played.
  • Probably never before has a single person in Turkey falsified history so massively!
  • Players have also managed to increase their earnings massively during this change.
  • In the 20th century, the children's picture book market expanded massively.
  • The immediate response of the Italian state was to massively increase the military and police presence there.
  • The guitar work in particular is massively improved from their debut.
  • It was reported as being badly received by critics and ran massively over budget.
  • The second was their ability to massively achieve popularity in the lower and upper classes with their style of rock.
  • The difference between the big city and the farm caused him to create two, massively different types of art later on in his life.
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Meaning of massively

  • adverb To a massive degree or in a massive manner
    tonight the haddock were shoaling massively in three hundred fathoms