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  • He would work on the massive statue for more than two years.
  • This confirmed the existence of such massive stars using a different method.
  • They find themselves facing a massive castle in an open area.
  • It is around four times as massive as our Sun.
  • The final stage occurs when a massive star begins producing iron.
  • Otherwise he has a massive club held across his body and turns to the left to look over his shoulder.
  • Most strikingly, this early town featured a massive stone wall over high and wide at the base.
  • He built up a massive army and began a program of military expansion along all the boundaries of his empire.
  • As a result, the Soviet Union experienced massive growth in heavy industry.
  • She turned around and saw the massive suffering endured by the people of the world.
  • The city had massive walls, in length, longer than the walls of comparable cities.
  • Its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers, and cost over one hundred lives.
  • This ancient deity was said to be massive, large enough to block out the sun.
  • Just as everything seems to have fallen into place, though, the parish church is damaged in a massive fire.
  • This loss was mainly caused by a massive evacuation of the people to more rural areas.
  • During the same period the government was also engaged in massive overspending.
  • It is unique for its intensity, massive size and wide-reaching effect.
  • After communion, the pope suffered a massive heart attack, after which he continued to live for three hours.
  • Now consider the effect of massive external bodies such as the Moon and Sun.
  • The British and the French had supported Russia on a massive scale with war materials.
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