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  • Two masked men who broke into their house at night to murder him.
  • However, her kind spirit also masks a drive to become better than she is.
  • Companies that considered sound masking as their primary business came into existence about that time.
  • Each group has its own set of masks used for various reasons.
  • Masks used to produce other effects are similar to those used in painting.
  • The production had to mask the fact that production buildings were away.
  • The constant focus on the division of the island can sometimes mask other human rights issues.
  • These masks that you could get in every shop had a smile built into them.
  • A small spot occurs over each eye, with a narrow band behind the black mask.
  • I offered her my arm and, masking again, we led the way. Cited from The Colonel of the Red Huzzars, by John Reed Scott
  • All that may be required is a simple black mask, which can easily be made with black paper.
  • The design of a sound masking system must take these opinions into account.
  • His appearance is based on the traditional red-faced mask with a long nose.
  • She was very good at masking her identity and that of her son.
  • The gas mask has thus now arrived at a 'fourth generation' of development.
  • I believe he gained entrance as one of some dancing or masking party. Cited from Peveril of the Peak, by Sir Walter Scott
  • Anything outside of this window would fail to cause any sort of masking effect.
  • He came right at me and threw an elbow right through my mask.
  • The band originally adopted masks and stage names to not conflict with their original bands.
  • Neither can see the other's face, as they are both wearing masks.
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Meaning of mask

  • noun A covering to disguise or conceal the face
  • noun Activity that tries to conceal something
    no mask could conceal his ignorance, they moved in under a mask of friendship
  • noun A protective covering worn over the face
  • verb Put a mask on or cover with a mask
    Mask the children for Halloween
  • verb Cover with a sauce
    mask the meat
  • verb Shield from light