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  • Numerous scenes from the novel did not feature in the film or were markedly changed.
  • This can markedly improve the fit over a simple power-law relationship.
  • Satellite data collected from these areas shows the amount of sea ice has been markedly reduced.
  • The current population is unknown, but the number of houses in the village has increased markedly in recent years.
  • It has also been possible to markedly increase the signal quality.
  • This competition will be markedly larger in terms of team numbers than the Olympic tournament.
  • By the 1990s, much about the lives of the band's members had changed markedly.
  • The daily catch has since markedly fallen from those high numbers.
  • The equipment system in the game is markedly different from most.
  • But after the Second World War he began markedly increasing his European activity.
  • This also makes it look as if the front and rear ends belong to markedly different animals.
  • Some individuals have vision in one eye that is markedly worse than that in the other.
  • Brown's views changed markedly during his later years in the Legislative Council.
  • It was developed as a light industrial area, but this activity has declined markedly in recent years.
  • The distinction between a full-time and part-time student varies markedly from country to country.
  • According to people who knew her, her personality changed markedly.
  • Both cases required markedly less work to update its version than competing engines.
  • Precipitation is heavy year-round, though markedly less in the summer months.
  • Such artists have used the characters in markedly different ways than James Turner.
  • The city itself has become markedly more prosperous in recent years.
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Meaning of markedly

  • adverb In a clearly noticeable manner
    sales of luxury cars dropped markedly