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  • At home, she generally has to deal with marital issues between her parents.
  • Although she and Martin are now living together, they still have marital problems.
  • These programs are taught in the same manner that marital programs are taught.
  • They go on to share two years of marital life together.
  • They had title to their own wealth and a third of all marital goods.
  • Despite their marital separation, they stayed together in the band for another four years.
  • She is considered to be the inspiration for many of his works about marital- and love problems.
  • There was much cultural and marital exchange between the two countries and this influenced both music and dance.
  • The few moments of marital happiness occurred during the early years of the marriage.
  • It details ways in which partners should pleasure each other within a marital relationship.
  • He stated that in his view, it is the parents themselves who make the difference, not their marital situation.
  • With marital problems of his own, he remained a distant figure.
  • Stone agreed to everything except the issue of marital support.
  • Family status is the combination of marital status with number of children.
  • Children with poor peer relationships may also experience job related and marital problems later in life.
  • Her own marital experience may have forced her to recognize its benefits.
  • Dunbar's parents began having marital problems a few months after their son's birth.
  • In some cases, the authority figure may choose a match for purposes other than marital harmony.
  • A year before his death he had her married, but on the condition that the husband should not exercise his marital rights.
  • He was kicked off the football team for having pre-marital sex.
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Meaning of marital

  • adjective Of or relating to the state of marriage
    marital status, marital fidelity, married bliss