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  • He marginally increased his popular vote and won a big majority to hold his seat.
  • This area has changed only marginally over the course of its history.
  • By early the next year, it broke marginally below that level, and set a new all-time low.
  • This dangerous practice was sometimes used to marginally increase the performance of a steam engine.
  • The hull design is low to the water and marginally wide for its length.
  • Yet, he ended up marginally behind the pole position time, and on the front row.
  • Because of this some choose not to engage in social media or only do so marginally.
  • Thus it is said to be marginally flat above that point.
  • The seat was a marginally conservative seat, having never been won by the non-conservative parties for more than one term.
  • The party increased its share of the popular vote and number of seats in the legislature marginally.
  • While the attendance was marginally smaller than these sides last encounter the interest was just as great.
  • This is in two parts, the top section being marginally fatter than the lower.
  • Its wheelbase and overall length were reduced but its weight was actually marginally increased.
  • Addition of iron plates at the top of the structure merely succeeded in keeping it marginally above water.
  • The album also had a third marginally successful single in "Million Miles".
  • The next tropical depression, Eight, was only marginally longer-lived than the previous depression.
  • Because the heat exchange area is greater they may be marginally more efficient than traditional absorbers.
  • The bodies were all marginally wider and lower, with increased glass surface.
  • This could account for the marginally significant results of his experiment.
  • He failed to be elected, increasingly his vote only marginally.
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Meaning of marginally

  • adverb In a marginal manner
    marginally interesting