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  • Info In the field of photography, a manual focus camera is one in which the user has to adjust the focus of the lens by hand. more...
  • This feature is standard on all later manual focus models.
  • They will work, but with manual focus only.
  • While full-time manual focus is available, the lens can not be focused when the camera is off.
  • This was done to allow full-time manual focus with the relatively new ultrasonic motors.
  • Unlike other focus-by-wire systems, the lens offers two manual focus modes.
  • This innovative series brought the "small and light" concept back from previous generation manual focus cameras.
  • Manual focus lenses will continue to function as manual-focus only.
  • As a manual focus only lens, it does not support auto focus.
  • The advantage of this design is that it can be produced very inexpensively, more so than autofocus or manual focus systems.
  • Manual focus is generally in release priority - AF is neither detected nor set.
  • Another difference is the procedure for switching between manual focus and auto-focus.
  • These were exclusively manual focus lenses with no electronic features.
  • This system was common with manual focus SLRs but had since fallen out of use in the autofocus era.
  • It is the top-of-the-line "professional" camera in the Pentax manual focus range.
  • They will mount and meter properly under manual focus on the FT3.
  • Expanded focus lets the user magnify the image temporarily to obtain better manual focus.
  • It is used for setting the lens to either autofocus mode, or manual focus.
  • However, he praised the camera's manual focus indicator, saying it was better than his D3.
  • The auto-focus function does not work on any other camera, although they can be used as manual-focus FD lenses.
  • It has full-time manual focus for instant switching from AF to Manual operation.
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