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  • In these cases the manorial court's jurisdiction could in effect become county-wide.
  • He also was chairman of the manorial court and member of the royal Council.
  • In the meanwhile silence had fallen over the beautiful old manorial house. Cited from The Elusive Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy
  • Manorial courts continued for a few decades more, until the late 19th century.
  • The manorial rights appear to have extended over the whole parish. Cited from The Coming of the Friars, by Augustus Jessopp
  • Let me tell you, my friends, the whole question depends On an ancient manorial right. Cited from The Hunting of the Snark, Lewis Carroll
  • Its publication marked an era in the recognition of the main features of manorial organization. Cited from An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England, Cheyney
  • Whatever manorial rights may have attached to this property had by now disappeared.
  • The absence of a manorial authority meant that there existed no central administration.
  • The town did not develop quickly under the manorial system.
  • The lord held a manorial court, governed by public law and local custom.
  • Manorial families also had significant influence over the government.
  • It is true that not all these names represent complete manorial ownership. Cited from The Historic Thames, by Hilaire Belloc
  • Rather, the manorial system was more of an economic control.
  • Upon the establishment of the empire, the public lands became a vast manorial estate whose over-lord was the emperor himself. Cited from Public Lands and Agrarian Laws of the Roman Republic, Andrew Stephenson
  • The districts developed only slowly over time and the manorial system was highly fragmented.
  • The rebels now set themselves completely against the manorial system.
  • It provided a good place for both a safe crossing of the river and an early manorial centre, probably a wooden castle.
  • This system, this economic side of feudalism, is what we know as the manorial system. Cited from History of England (1066-1216), by Adams
  • It became the administrative centre for the order's scattered properties, where every year the manorial court was held.
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  • adjective Of or relating to or based on the manor
    manorial accounts