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  • I think you got to see how manipulative they both are, with each other.
  • She is a very manipulative character and selfish when she ran after her men that she wanted.
  • She can often be manipulative but has a good heart.
  • She changes her attitude and says that she is done being manipulative because her husband finally loves her.
  • She called her a flirtatious party girl and said she can be manipulative.
  • The team later faces the threat of the manipulative son of very rich parents.
  • She is quite rebellious and very manipulative for her age, being able to easily win round her mother.
  • During this time, Lee finds no suitable way or time to tell her manipulative mother about the marriage.
  • He takes her at face value, despite her being devious and manipulative.
  • She is played as a manipulative female, who uses her sexuality to advance in her career.
  • She said she is manipulative and a good player.
  • I used my right hand in all that was necessary, and my left in all sorts of practical manipulative affairs. Cited from James Nasmyth: Engineer, An Autobiography
  • He started his professional career around 1920, doing a manipulative act entirely with playing cards.
  • The trio soon are forced to work together under the manipulative Director.
  • She is informed by her manipulative father that Dean left days ago.
  • She would rather survive alone in the world than live with manipulative Harriet.
  • It is a story of two manipulative people who cross paths on their way up the social ladder.
  • Golden's manipulative mother turns out to be behind the murder and other dark doings.
  • Her attitude, combined with her natural intelligence makes her extremely calculating and manipulative.
  • She uses her pride, her sense of family, and her religion to justify most of her highly manipulative actions.
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