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  • Remained to the band-meeting, in which the power of God was manifestly revealed. Cited from Religion in Earnest, John Lyth
  • They were so manifestly out of it that their drivers did not care to continue. Cited from The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise, by Margaret Burnham
  • As to the latter characteristic, he manifestly does not like the upper classes of his own country. Cited from Political and Literary Essays, 1908-1913, by Evelyn Baring
  • The whole thing was manifestly impossible as he told himself, outside every recognized law of Nature and sound science. Cited from Deadham Hard, by Lucas Malet
  • Certain strange things had manifestly happened, but what the explanation of them was, no man could say. Cited from The Magician, by Somerset Maugham
  • Now, here was manifestly a condition in the first churches that does not exist to-day. Cited from The Spirit and the Word, by Zachary Taylor Sweeney
  • He has manifestly no right to ask us: How does the external world look when no one is looking? Cited from An Introduction to Philosophy, by George Stuart Fullerton
  • Yet, with Indians on every hand within the village, it was manifestly his duty to get out. Cited from Under Fire, by Charles King
  • Yet manifestly the first duty of an editorial is to get itself read. Cited from Queed, by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • Manifestly the home ought to be the chief agent in providing for this need. Cited from The Children: Some Educational Problems, by Alexander Darroch
  • It is manifestly impossible for them to base their appointments upon personal knowledge. Cited from Government and Administration of the United States, by Willoughby
  • It was so manifestly I who had drawn him, I whom he had come to seek. Cited from Famous Modern Ghost Stories, by Various, Ed.: Emily Dorothy Scarborough
  • It would therefore manifestly be less as the planet was more distant from the sun. Cited from Other Worlds, by Garrett P. Serviss
  • If one has to protect the other, if one is manifestly superior, it is no longer friendship. Cited from Georges Guynemer, by Henry Bordeaux
  • The picture given of this great man has very manifestly the look of truth, and if true, is terrible indeed. Cited from Thackeray, by Anthony Trollope
  • The sum total is manifestly the same; though the parts which were before divided are now united. Cited from Choice Specimens of American Literature, And Literary Reader, by Martin
  • Upon the construction of both measures he has manifestly bestowed a great amount of labour. Cited from Western Worthies, by J. Stephen Jeans
  • And yet there never was a time when war was manifestly more imminent. Cited from History of England in Three Volumes, Vol. III, by E. Farr & E. H. Nolan
  • So what could David, sick and weak, do in the face of the manifestly impossible? Cited from Sunny Slopes, by Ethel Hueston
  • To Him most manifestly we owe it that our faith has not failed completely. Cited from The Lord's Dealings with George Muller, by George Muller
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