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  • Info A manifest file in Microsoft Windows is a text file with .manifest extension that accompanies and holds metadata for executable files and DLLs. more...
  • What started as a recording project quickly manifested into a full band operation.
  • Mark's powers manifest while he is working at his part-time job.
  • She may also manifest in a number of other forms, including as a man.
  • Her powers first manifested when she saw her childhood friend being hit by a car.
  • Making a property manifest also makes it clear whether or not the theory actually has that property.
  • Physical support may also be used and is manifested through the use of touch.
  • This fact is manifested in the particular style of poetry that he created.
  • It is through these changes that people progress in the manifest world.
  • No special complications were manifested during this very long-term follow-up time.
  • There is nothing more visible than what is secret, and nothing more manifest than what is minute.
  • They are told she manifests as completely alive but they must not allow her to leave town.
  • How was the Holy Father manifesting his love of peace and good will? Cited from The Profits of Religion, Fifth Edition, by Upton Sinclair
  • This usually manifested itself on the cross-country course, where trust is essential.
  • Now laws are written for the purpose of manifesting both these rights, but in different ways. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae), by Thomas Aquinas
  • She manifests this power with her thousand faces, thousand arms and thousand legs.
  • He would then manifest Himself in the royal household as their son.
  • The following powers could be manifested in any number of ways.
  • He manifested all those qualities in his living conduct which he wanted to see in a man.
  • For God was not only manifesting himself without, but also within us. Cited from An "Attic" Philosopher by E. Souvestre, v2
  • We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
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Meaning of manifest

  • noun A customs document listing the contents put on a ship or plane
  • verb Record in a ship's manifest
    each passenger must be manifested
  • verb Reveal its presence or make an appearance
    the ghost manifests each year on the same day