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  • Laughing maniacally, he says that he something special planned for next time.
  • But the boy knows and instead kills the girl, after which he maniacally runs to the market.
  • In this form he doesn't speak at all, but laughs maniacally and is built for fighting.
  • The Master laughs maniacally and goes to look for the family and subsequently sacrifices his first wife.
  • He was said to have grinned maniacally as he sliced his four fingers off.
  • Now, study the maniacally-clever force of jealousy and then ask who is guilty of the crime. Cited from Criminal Psychology, by Hans Gross
  • The father and brother attack, killing the sister, as the Marine laughs maniacally.
  • Both enjoy solving problems and cases as maniacally as possible, often with complete disregard for the law.
  • The series ends with a maniacally laughing BOB examining his new body in a mirror.
  • Euclio is then shown almost maniacally guarding his gold from real and imagined threats.
  • G'Kar doesn't answer: instead leaving the palace laughing almost maniacally.
  • When Keldor saw his new appearance, he laughed maniacally; the incident perhaps shattering whatever sanity he had left.
  • After her sister and John go back to bed, Ethel murders them with a cleaver, laughing maniacally while doing so.
  • Rob tries to drive away in a panic as the man approaches maniacally laughing.
  • The children are taught to get down on all fours and bark maniacally as a precaution against cats.
  • He then puts on the alien leader's skin, laughing maniacally as he rockets towards the alien planet.
  • As he realizes that even death can't put a stop to the horror, and that now he too will become a shibito, he begins to laugh maniacally.
  • Laughing maniacally, he takes off his clothes, making himself completely undetectable, and drives off his tormenters before fleeing into the countryside.
  • There, Alan at gunpoint maniacally instructs all of his students to pull all of the teeth out of all their patients.
  • Tom maniacally laughs, and gradually slows down over time.
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How maniacally gets used

Meaning of maniacally

  • adverb In a maniacal manner or to a maniacal degree
    he was maniacally obsessed with jealousy