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  • He flashed his eyes malignantly upon her, but then she only laughed more. Cited from Active Service, by Stephen Crane
  • They give me so little, and for that they thirstily and malignantly drink my whole soul. Cited from The Created Legend, by Feodor Sologub
  • How malignantly he snorts, and breaks off short, and at once begins again in another key! Cited from The Complete Writings of Charles Dudley Warner V3
  • Her young, wild heart throbbed exultantly, and her eyes looked forth their triumph malignantly. Cited from A Voice in the Wilderness, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • I do not say malignantly, because there was no malignant intention. Cited from The Framework of Home Rule, by Erskine Childers
  • For the branding was not yet finished, and the storm threatened more malignantly. Cited from The Lonesome Trail and Other Stories, by B. M. Bower
  • We are unwilling to malignantly pursue these things, but we leave them to the judgment of the reader. Cited from Apology of the Augsburg Confession, by Melanchthon
  • "And what of your duty to me?" she blazed, her eyes puckering most malignantly. Cited from The Lion's Skin, by Rafael Sabatini
  • Then it sat down on its haunches and gazed at its little foe malignantly. Cited from The Giant of the North, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • The leader grinned malignantly and spoke to his companion, without for an instant turning his gaze. Cited from Bert Wilson in the Rockies, by J. W. Duffield
  • He fought as some men fight; with brain as well as muscle, cunningly, malignantly. Cited from The Happy Family, by Bertha Muzzy Bower
  • We surrounded her and malignantly abused her in the most obscene language. Cited from Twenty-six and One and Other Stories, by Maksim Gorky
  • His eyes looked malignantly at me, and his gray whiskers bristled like those of an angry cat. Cited from The Hound of the Baskervilles by A. Conan Doyle 25
  • William Roper stopped and turned; his face was working malignantly. Cited from The Loudwater Mystery, by Edgar Jepson
  • He paused at the edge of the shadow and eyed the girl malignantly. Cited from None Other Gods, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • He sat like a silent fool -- like an imbecile, he said to himself, glowering malignantly. Cited from The Baronet's Bride, by May Agnes Fleming
  • He looked malignantly at a fine bulldog which now emerged from its cover and, sitting down, beamed at the company. Cited from The Girl on the Boat, by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  • Miss Port, whose ear was at the keyhole of her door not twelve feet away, grinned malignantly. Cited from The Captain's Toll-Gate, by Frank R. Stockton
  • "What sort of place have you prepared for yourself?" asked Ostrov, smiling malignantly. Cited from The Created Legend, by Feodor Sologub
  • He thrust out his thin flushed face, his pointed beard wagging malignantly. Cited from The Long Night, by Stanley Weyman
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Meaning of malignantly

  • adverb In a malignant manner, as of a tumor that spreads