make allowance

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  • On the other hand, we must make allowances for our position of advantage. Cited from My Lady Nicotine, by J. M. Barrie
  • But you must make allowance for my being in such high spirits. Cited from The Leatherwood God, by William Dean Howells
  • Things could not go on if we did not make allowances. Cited from The Adventures of Hugh Trevor, by Thomas Holcroft
  • I know you'll make allowances for one who was never trained to business methods. Cited from The Deluge, by David Graham Phillips
  • I can make allowances for people, and used to laugh in her face. Cited from Barry Lyndon, William Makepeace Thackeray
  • I found his manner trying, but one has to make allowances. Cited from Right Ho, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • I could not trouble him, and I did not believe he could make allowances for me. Cited from We and the World, Part I, by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  • At first I was wild that you should make allowances for me. Cited from Ships That Pass In The Night, by Beatrice Harraden
  • Come, come, you have been young yourself, and should make allowances for him. Cited from Ivanoff, by Anton Chekhov
  • You must make allowance for the shock we gave her, poor dear. Cited from The Pool in the Desert, Sara Jeannette Duncan
  • I made allowances, the way one does for a clock that runs too fast or too slow. Cited from Alabaster Box, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
  • But again he told himself that he must make allowances. Cited from Widdershins, by Oliver Onions [AKA: George Oliver]
  • But my own cares press pretty close upon me, and you can make allowance. Cited from Works Charles and Mary Lamb, V5, Letters, by Lamb
  • But you must make allowances, even if you don't understand. Cited from The Great Amulet, by Maud Diver
  • But you, who are so strong and wise, must make allowance for a woman who is neither. Cited from The Red Thumb Mark, by R. Austin Freeman
  • But you must make allowance for what she had suffered. Cited from Redgauntlet, by Sir Walter Scott
  • Each probably made allowance for his own wife as an unusually superior woman. Cited from The Education of Henry Adams, by Henry Adams
  • You will understand all this and make allowance for me. Cited from Sea and Shore, by Mrs. Catharine A. Warfield
  • But you must make allowances; my good nature has suffered a severe strain. Cited from The Puppet Crown, by Harold MacGrath
  • I have made allowance for the increase which must be supposed to have taken place in forty years. Cited from History of England, James II Vol. 1, Macaulay
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