major flood

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  • The river peaked in the city at which was above its major flood level.
  • Heavy spring rains caused a second major flood in the same region that June.
  • It changed to much of its present course in 1867 during a major flood.
  • A major flood alleviation scheme is currently under construction in the city centre side of the river.
  • The last major flood of the river occurred in the 1930s.
  • However, the outflow was still expected to significantly increase river levels already at major flood stage.
  • Major floods occur about once every five years.
  • Starting in early February, a major flood was anticipated, over two months before the flood.
  • Burnt River experiences a major flood at least every eight years.
  • During major floods when roads in the area are closed the railway is used as a shuttle service.
  • After a major flood in 1933, some residents moved across the river.
  • The most recent major flood was in 1951, however that event did not cause as much damage.
  • A major flood protection scheme which the New Zealand Government would pay for was approved instead.
  • The first set of names on the list is of kings said to have reigned before a major flood occurred.
  • This new town growth was hastened after 1931 after another major flood at the old town site.
  • St. Charles received major flood damage from the hurricane, and the school building would take months to repair.
  • As the rain begins to fall and gets stronger, a major flood starts to occur.
  • Floods occur roughly once a year, with a major flood occurring every three years.
  • The storm was a major flood disaster throughout its path from Texas to the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Several major floods have occurred in the area.
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