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  • He was mainly self-taught, but he did work with his father.
  • African Americans live mainly in the southern and eastern parts of the state.
  • National identity was mainly formed by the province people came from.
  • The global financial system was mainly tied to the gold standard in this period.
  • The rocks are ice covered on the south sides but mainly ice free on their northern sides.
  • When his teacher moved away, he was mainly self-taught.
  • Coaches are mainly operated by private companies and provide services widely across the country.
  • He was mainly self-taught, and reportedly had most of his range before leaving high school.
  • It is mainly notable for being perhaps the first purpose built office building in Great Britain.
  • The remains so far have been mainly found with other human and faunal remains.
  • The borough has a long history which is based mainly around the economy of the area.
  • It is mainly grey-brown above and white below.
  • He is not a college graduate, and is mainly self-taught.
  • To do this he tells a story; one that is mainly original but includes some material from his previous work.
  • No one from the fashion world attended, mainly because no one knew about her death until months after she had died.
  • It was mainly intended for the business market and so also included a printer port.
  • The last is used mainly in arguments to make a point seem more correct.
  • Relations between the two countries are mainly in economic and Islamic affairs.
  • This increase has mainly been attributed to active government policy, and not simply to the growing economy.
  • The adult is mainly brown with a white head and tail.
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