main span

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  • The main span was long and wide, while the entire structure was over long.
  • The total length of the bridge is, and its main span is long.
  • It has two main spans and a smaller one on the east side.
  • It would have a main span of between and demand of new road.
  • The bridge, in length, has a main span of and is above the water.
  • The bridge is wide and long in total, with two main spans of in length.
  • East of the main span are four more arches, each of them also long.
  • The long bridge has a main span that is long.
  • Today, the bridge's main span is in length, making it rather small by modern standards.
  • The main span is above the sea, which allows shipping to pass through.
  • It has existed in three forms, with only the main spans across the river itself being common to all three.
  • The bridge is long and the main span is long.
  • The bridge is wide and the main span is long.
  • The main span of a bridge together with all its approach spans is a single section.
  • Located at river mile three, the main span is long and rests above the water.
  • The bridge is in length and has three main spans.
  • The main spans are long and whole structure is long.
  • Currently the main span consists of a long steel arch carrying the wide deck.
  • It has two main spans, and a smaller span at the west end.
  • By late 2007, two years after work started, the main span was done.
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