main-belt asteroid

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  • In the same time period she discovered or co-discovered over one hundred asteroids.
  • It is a very little-studied body despite being one of the largest asteroids.
  • Like many asteroids of this type, its surface is very dark in colour.
  • Such a structure would, however, have a mass quite a lot less than many asteroids.
  • It was also one of the first near-Earth asteroids to be discovered.
  • Four asteroids and a college in China have been named after him.
  • You must launch immediately to protect the base from being hit by asteroids.
  • They estimated that similar-sized asteroids come as close about every two years.
  • Being a P-type asteroid, it has a very dark surface and may contain water.
  • He never made any more asteroid discoveries and not much more seems to be known about him.
  • Currently, the technology is being considered for non-military use to protect Earth from asteroids.
  • It was his first asteroid discovery out of a total of six.
  • At the time, asteroids were not supposed to be named after living persons.
  • Not much else is known about this probably fairly typical little asteroid.
  • The four asteroids hold particular importance because they were originally considered planets in history before more were discovered.
  • Each asteroid was typically observed four times (once per frame) each night.
  • Other conflicts occurred between asteroids discovered earlier and those discovered later.
  • However, no such asteroid transits have been observed up to the present time.
  • Since then, many thousands of smaller asteroids have been found.
  • This the second most common type of asteroid in the main belt.
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