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  • The star is a quarter more massive and four times more luminous than our local star.
  • Despite having a slightly lower mass, this star is more luminous than the Sun.
  • They are not composed of dark matter; rather, they are much less luminous than a star.
  • The most luminous stars are always young stars, no more than a few million years for the most extreme.
  • In other systems of units, luminous energy may be expressed in basic units of energy.
  • It is one of the most luminous stars known and also one of the most massive.
  • The star is less massive and far less luminous than the Sun.
  • Serving the latter purposes require much more luminous flux and thus more power.
  • However, the more distant, less luminous stars will not be seen.
  • There will appear to be more luminous objects within a certain distance from Earth than faint objects.
  • A possible explanation for this problem is the non-luminous dark matter.
  • One is around five times as luminous as the sun and the other around four times as luminous.
  • Its surface is at least twice as hot as the Sun, and it is several thousand times as luminous.
  • Many of them become luminous blue variables with episodes of extreme mass loss.
  • The energy of regular naguals is divided in four parts in their luminous body.
  • In one view, the star is a very large and very luminous red hypergiant.
  • It is a blue subgiant star, seven hundred times more luminous than the Sun.
  • The mirror is mind itself - clear like the sky, empty yet luminous.
  • They are much more common than Cepheids, but also much less luminous.
  • They may also be seen directly if beamed towards us, giving the impression of an even more luminous object.
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