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  • In these times marriage was an economic matter rather than one of love.
  • Every human being has the right to be loved by his fellow men.
  • I loved her stage presence and then we met right after that.
  • He fell in love with the city, to which he would return throughout his life.
  • He never could tell her that he loved her, and now she was dead.
  • Hill had seen the film and told the actor that he loved it.
  • He proposed to her but she refused, even though she loved him, too.
  • In small things as in great he loved to rule and direct.
  • When he did tell her that he loved her, she was no longer interested.
  • He loves his country better than he does the countries of other people.
  • He felt the key to have children learn is for them to be loved.
  • He had a British writing style due to his love of British literature.
  • He believed that he brought too much pain to his loved ones.
  • The record of same-sex love has been preserved through literature and art.
  • The film included a much-talked-about love scene between the two.
  • They make no return of love for all of love's ministry. Cited from Making the Most of Life, by J. R. Miller
  • I have loved books and going to the library ever since.
  • But he does not show her as alone in suffering love's pain. Cited from Browning's Heroines, by Ethel Colburn Mayne
  • You start seeing what you love, and it becomes like a dream.
  • This was done to let her know that she was doing well and that she loved her.
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Meaning of love

  • noun A strong positive emotion of regard and affection
    his love for his work, children need a lot of love
  • noun Any object of warm affection or devotion;
    the theater was her first love, he has a passion for cock fighting
  • noun A deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
    their love left them indifferent to their surroundings, she was his first love
  • noun A score of zero in tennis or squash
    it was 40 love
  • verb Have a great affection or liking for
    I love French food, She loves her boss and works hard for him
  • verb Get pleasure from
    I love cooking
  • verb Be enamored or in love with
    She loves her husband deeply