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  • No office appointed by lot could be held twice by the same individual.
  • If they did anything, they made a lot of people content with being nothing.
  • It came out in a lot of the things he did.
  • A lot of the material was written during the tour and some of it afterwards.
  • However, she has lost a lot of blood and passes out shortly after.
  • Growing up, she did not have many friends and stayed home a lot.
  • I do not believe that I was born for such a lot.
  • The report has gone on to gain a lot of attention in the public media.
  • And of course, things have changed a lot in four years.
  • English, with its international importance, has introduced a lot of new words into the language.
  • A lot of communication in the year before we made the film.
  • I never made any money out of it, but a lot of my soul went into it.
  • The twenty-five were reduced by lot to nine and the nine elected forty-five.
  • You don't have a lot of support from the ground.
  • We're losing a lot of money amongst a large number of teams.
  • But when I sit down and make music, a lot of things come together.
  • High says there is quite a lot to tell about.
  • Hence, there is lot of science to be discovered when working with materials.
  • It was not long before these conditions became the lot of the whole of occupied Europe.
  • A lot of the culture in Lincoln itself is based upon its history.
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Root form of lots is lot for both verb and noun.

Synonyms of lots

Meaning of lots

  • noun A parcel of land having fixed boundaries
    he bought a lot on the lake
  • noun (old testament) nephew of abraham; god destroyed sodom and gomorrah but chose to spare lot and his family who were told to flee without looking back at the destruction
  • verb Divide into lots, as of land, for example