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  • Info Lord is traditionally an appellation for a person or deity who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler. more...
  • England needed to win at Lord's to level the three-Test series.
  • But how have I this honor, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?
  • He is the son of an international crime lord.
  • There was even time for his appearance in a charity match at Lord's.
  • The Second Test at Lord's was one of the best he played in.
  • For so it hath been revealed to me by the Lord himself.
  • His best performance of the series was in the Second Test at Lord's.
  • Despite the change of ownership, the ground has continued to bear Lord's name.
  • How shall we sing the Lord's song In a strange land?
  • In the Holy Roman Empire, some cities had no other lord than the emperor.
  • Australia then had the best of a drawn match in the second Test at Lord's.
  • This security of military help was the primary reason the lord entered into the feudal relationship.
  • Two years later the city received the further honour of a lord mayoralty.
  • For the Power of the Lord was with him.
  • His innings in the second Test at Lord's remains his best known.
  • The one-day match is played at Lord's.
  • The bill made no progress in the House of Lords past its first reading.
  • Hafgan then tells his lords he has met his death and will no longer lead them.
  • It was always worn by a lord's daughter and the king of the province's lady.
  • Kyd was eventually released but was not accepted back into his lord's service.
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Meaning of Lord

  • noun A titled peer of the realm
  • verb Make a lord of someone