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  • Info Loot usually refers to treasure or wealth that is found or stolen; see looting.
  • After his men looted all that they could, the city was set on fire.
  • The store was said to have been looted before being set on fire.
  • He died along with the secret of the area where his war loots were located.
  • They use so much power that they also destroy a large part of their loot.
  • They then looted the town for two hours as fighting went on.
  • Many other books were looted and the library was left in bad shape.
  • After a battle, the player may loot the enemy for money and equipment.
  • Even when the German team began their work, the site had already been heavily looted.
  • When they return, they find a police control room at the spot where they hidden their loot.
  • This ship has been seen and lost several times and there are several stories about this ship having been looted.
  • She got everything she wanted including keeping all her loot.
  • She ended her career that year with all her loot.
  • It is the principal structure at the site and has been heavily looted.
  • He gets his share of the loot and is told to lie low.
  • That evening, the officers lost control of their men as they looted homes and stores.
  • His fort was destroyed and his wealth was looted by the British army.
  • In ancient times, such property was considered war loot, and the legal right of the winner.
  • The Soviet soldiers in turn were allowed to loot the town for a period of three days.
  • There they find that the man who paid them off also uses the mission to store stolen loot.
  • In the morning, every government institution in the city was looted and destroyed.
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Meaning of loot

  • noun Goods or money obtained illegally
  • verb Take illegally; of intellectual property
    This writer plundered from famous authors