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  • Over the next year, several longtime team members were written out or killed off.
  • According to the town's official website, many longtime residents still use that name.
  • As it turned out, this was the beginning of the end for the longtime leader.
  • However, this was his last screen appearance with his longtime friend.
  • Longtime white residents also turned to try to force the poor blacks out of town.
  • He became the longtime chairman of the political science department and also taught history and economics.
  • Soon after taking over as majority owner, he forced out several longtime front-office personnel and replaced them with his own men.
  • During the two-season run of the program he met longtime friend and later co-star, Al Lewis.
  • He was best known as the longtime head coach of the University of Alabama football team.
  • She tries to return to her mother but dies on the way, although helped by a longtime black friend.
  • Martin counts their founders and other longtime members among his good friends.
  • The park idea was soon co-opted by longtime residents to protect the last open space in the area from development.
  • The Scene Magazine is a longtime entertainment monthly serving several regional cities.
  • The company loosened its production rules, allowing some of its longtime artists the opportunity to write and produce more of their own material.
  • He was also a longtime president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce.
  • Among these are Joe Dancer Park, which was named after a longtime city manager.
  • Some of the names are now archaic, used less by longtime residents than scholars and real estate agents.
  • All countries reserve the right to deport foreigners, even those who are longtime residents.
  • Longtime locals were still the only candidates for public offices and the need for more schools became a growing concern.
  • This work was written by David for his longtime friend, writer Paul Mosher.
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