long span

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  • It was the first long-span bridge of its kind to be designed in China.
  • The long span would rise above the valley floor.
  • Both of these characteristics have been used to study such variations over long spans of time.
  • Presently she found herself standing beside the river looking up to the iron bridge that crossed it with one long span. Cited from The Heavenly Twins, by Madame Sarah Grand
  • This long span of history was responsible for the great variety of styles found throughout the District.
  • Moderately hard steel has been used for the larger members of long-span bridges. Cited from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3
  • Melancholy had marked him for her own: he himself always felt that he had not a long span before him. Cited from Shandygaff, by Christopher Morley
  • They are the two first road and railway long span cable-stayed steel bridges in the world.
  • It is long span for a total length of, which includes the portal at each end.
  • After a long span of time in real estate, Adrian decided to make his career full-time in acting.
  • To it the nine months passed in its mother's womb may have meant a long span of life. Cited from Tales of Destiny, by Edmund Mitchell
  • These symptoms are generally experienced for a long span of time after the victim has left the dangerous situation.
  • It was one of the first long-span cable-stayed road bridges in China.
  • This was among the earliest uses of iron to enclose a long-span interior space.
  • Its long span of ranks it the largest cable-stayed bridges in the world.
  • During this long span at KRON, he has won several awards for his reporting.
  • It provided the first practical test of the application of the cantilever principle to long-span bridge design.
  • A modern evolution of the arch bridge is the long-span through arch bridge.
  • It is significant as a largely intact record of prehistoric life over a long span of time.
  • It is believed that the manuscript has multiple authorship from over a long span of time.
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