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  • Info The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT) is a proposed ESA space mission slated to launch around 2022, and devoted to the study of neutron stars, black holes and other compact objects by means of their very rapid X-ray variability.
  • When included in a club set, it generally has the highest loft of the set.
  • Later, she moved with a group of students into a loft in an old factory.
  • The neighborhood remains home to many working artists who live and work in converted lofts.
  • South of King along the east side is an old industrial area with loft-type industrial buildings.
  • Many of the more historic industrial buildings have been converted into lofts and offices.
  • However, it seems clear that the name has a certain connection with the meaning of the word loft.
  • An address behind the ball is used to increase the loft of a shot.
  • In short, competing birds are taken from their lofts and must race home.
  • By doing so they also generally make higher-lofted woods redundant as well.
  • I headed for the end zone, he saw me and lofted a perfect pass to me.
  • Originally an office building, the structure was later converted into lofts.
  • Go into the upper lofts where much of this sewing is done, and what will you find? Cited from A Domestic Problem, by Abby Morton Diaz
  • Planned building use includes office-lofts, small-scale retail, and food service.
  • The structure of the lofts and the columns carrying them show already clear classical influence.
  • Many of the old bank buildings have also been converted into upscale lofts.
  • She brought up the winning runs with a lofted drive that bounced once before going for four runs.
  • From the three-floor loft, the lower floor was also expanded into dwelling rooms.
  • Tyrone does though, to video what he is going to do in the loft.
  • The window at present is just the absence of the south wall of the little loft to the shop.
  • A bedroom has been created in the southeast corner, and a second-story loft added.
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Synonyms of loft

Meaning of loft

  • noun Floor consisting of a large unpartitioned space over a factory or warehouse or other commercial space
  • noun Floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage
  • noun (golf) the backward slant on the head of some golf clubs that is designed to drive the ball high in the air
  • noun A raised shelter in which pigeons are kept
  • verb Store in a loft
  • verb Propel through the air
    The rocket lofted the space shuttle into the air
  • verb Kick or strike high in the air
    loft a ball
  • verb Lay out a full-scale working drawing of the lines of a vessel's hull