locally extinct

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  • Over the centuries some species have since become locally extinct, and other species have been introduced.
  • It used to occur in India as well, where it is locally extinct.
  • No longer having food to eat, the sea urchin became locally extinct as well.
  • It has become locally extinct on a number of islands, including Wake Island.
  • Brown bears once roamed this area but have long ago become locally extinct.
  • It likely became locally extinct in India in the first decade of the 20th century.
  • The population in southern China has been reduced to a few hundred individuals, and by another report, may be locally extinct.
  • It is seriously threatened, and has become locally extinct in many places.
  • No longer having food to eat, the sea urchins populations became locally extinct as well.
  • Six species of non-breeding birds have not been recorded since before the 1950s and are considered as being locally extinct.
  • Towards the end of the century beaver became scarce in many areas and locally extinct in others.
  • Furthermore, in some cases living species are locally extinct for the area in which their subfossil remains were found.
  • Many species that became locally extinct have been re-introduced into these conservancies increasing the species diversity as well species richness.
  • Bighorn sheep were common throughout the region until about 1900 when they became locally extinct through hunting.
  • Many places in Australia have been named after the wombat, including a large number of places where they are now locally extinct in the wild.
  • Two species of plants, nine terrestrial birds, one bat and four invertebrate species have become locally extinct.
  • It is considered threatened, endangered, and even locally extinct in many of its original habitats.
  • However, in July 2006 it was reported that the species had become locally extinct at the new site.
  • If a species cannot limit the impact of competition in a hostile environment, its population will crash, and it will become locally extinct.
  • This includes two species that are locally extinct from India viz.
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