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  • His story was picked up by the local press, and soon went national.
  • Full results of the election were published in the local press.
  • Station owners told the local press that construction would be completed in about one year.
  • He wrote many articles that were published in the local press while in this capacity.
  • Of course the local press would be full of this. Cited from The Firm of Girdlestone, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • He also wrote a newspaper column in the local press about people.
  • It has received limited support within local government, and its campaign has also mentioned in the local press.
  • The murder got a lot of attention from the local press.
  • The initiative was then followed around the country through the local press.
  • In the spring of that year, they started advertising in the local press.
  • He used to work for free, and sent his shots to the local press.
  • There he studied music and had his first verses published in the local press.
  • Results are drawn from the national and local press.
  • According to the local press, one of the main problems was the venue.
  • What the local press considered might be the largest general strike in its history had been called for this date.
  • All through the 1980s he played jazz and wrote music-related articles for the local press.
  • She was praised for her performance and got the attention of the Spanish local press.
  • This was also reported in the local press.
  • The local press was critical of the early services.
  • The station got major backlash from social media as well as local press.
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