local builder

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  • The result will be to give work to local builders. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, Jan 23, 1915 V.1 N.4
  • There are also many local builders that can build huts or town houses.
  • When her mother died aged thirty-seven they moved in with relatives and her father worked for a local builder.
  • He hired a local builder who was a former seafarer, who took three years to build the house.
  • Prior employed a local builder called Thomas Patten to carry out the work.
  • These houses were all built by local builders, apparently without the benefit of architectural guidance.
  • He had a local builder, Tom Broadway, build several boats and the class became immediately popular.
  • He hired local builder I.G. Mitchell to help make his dream come true.
  • The hall was then renovated by local builders and has since been put to use by youth clubs, local theatre and many more activities.
  • The building represents the ability of local builders and designers to create their own ideas without the station's influence.
  • A traditional building constructed in the 1840s by a well-known local builder, it has been named a historic site.
  • He took classes part-time for three semesters, while apprenticing under a local builder and professor of civil engineering.
  • Terry arrives on the street to take a job at the local builders yard.
  • The approach road and station area are now used for parking and storage by a local builder's merchant.
  • He convinced a local builder that he owned the land and these round houses were to be the gateway to his mansion.
  • Going into business with local builder Bob Halling, the first retail products were produced.
  • Local builders used just two or three basic house designs, so Grant and his colleagues carried blueprints in their heads.
  • Going forward, they were able to rebound and continued to sell lumber to many of the local builders.
  • He organized other local builders in erection of a replacement structure.
  • She had plans for a Federal style mansion on the riverfront property drawn up and hired a local builder.
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