Little Fluffy Clouds

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  • Info "Little Fluffy Clouds" is a single released by the English ambient house group The Orb. more...
  • There have been an extensive number of remixes of "Little Fluffy Clouds" due to its popularity.
  • Following the split, Paterson began working with Youth on the track "Little Fluffy Clouds".
  • Most of these have appeared as B-sides on Little Fluffy Clouds or other singles by The Orb.
  • "Little Fluffy Clouds" was re-released several times with different b-sides, with its 1993 re-release reaching #10 in the UK.
  • "Little Fluffy Clouds" and "Perpetual Dawn" were released as singles from the album.
  • "Little Fluffy Clouds" failed to reach the top 40 in 1990, reaching number 87.
  • "Little Fluffy Clouds" and "Perpetual Dawn" were re-issued and became top 20 hits in the UK.
  • When it began to sink slowly towards the West a few little fluffy clouds appeared on the horizon, and from a distance, although the sky remained clear and blue, the sea looked quite dark and slaty against the brilliance of the firmament. Cited from The Elusive Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy
  • The title song was based on an earlier version of Little Fluffy Clouds, with the lyrics rewritten by Perry reflecting his childhood in Jamaica and the legendary property Golden Clouds located near his home.
  • "Little Fluffy Clouds" is centred on clips from an interview with Rickie Lee Jones in which she recalls picturesque images of her childhood.
  • Even though fans often try to guess the origins of many of The Orb's samples, Paterson states that they are rarely correct and that they would "die" if they discovered, for example, where the drums on "Little Fluffy Clouds" originated from.
  • Gradually, as the splendour of the sunset gave place to the delicate purple and grey tints of evening, the little fluffy clouds merged themselves into denser masses, and these too soon became absorbed in the great, billowy banks which the southwesterly wind was blowing seawards. Cited from The Elusive Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy
  • The soft, cool green and grey of the garden were changing the green grew golden, the shadows black, and the lake where the swans were mirrored upside down, under the Temple of Phoebus, was bathed in rosy light from the little fluffy clouds that lay opposite the Sunset. Cited from The Enchanted Castle, by E. Nesbit
  • "Little Fluffy Clouds" reached #87 on the British singles chart; however, due to Glover's other production obligations (and subsequently rejoining Killing Joke), he did not become a permanent member of The Orb.