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  • Lingeringly he looked into the windows of the south wing as he passed. Cited from Look Back on Happiness, by Knut Hamsun
  • She raised her hand, and ran her fingers lingeringly through his short, thick hair. Cited from Other Things Being Equal, by Emma Wolf
  • Dan allowed his eyes to pass lingeringly around the table from face to face. Cited from The Untamed, by Max Brand
  • He took up his hat and looked lingeringly about the room. Cited from Anne's House of Dreams by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • At the door of the studio, she turned again, to look long and lingeringly about the room. Cited from The Eyes of the World, by Harold Bell Wright
  • All this and more he noted as he passed lingeringly on. Cited from The Choir Invisible, by James Lane Allen
  • Her eyes swept lingeringly around the camp with a very tender light in them. Cited from The Sheik, by E. M. Hull
  • I passed more lingeringly through France than I did through the other portions of my route. Cited from Devereux, by E. B. Lytton, Book 5
  • He drew it to his lips and then released it lingeringly. Cited from Graustark, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • The man carried the hand he held to his lips and kissed it lingeringly. Cited from Mona, by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon
  • Why do you look at her so lingeringly? Cited from Becket and other plays,by Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • When the music ceased his hands still lay lingeringly on the keys. Cited from Kings, Queens And Pawns, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • The children did so lingeringly; and once out of his reach, stood and mocked him. Cited from Maurice Guest, Henry Handel Richardson
  • He put his arm about her and kissed her lingeringly. Cited from Double Trouble, by Herbert Quick
  • He let his eyes rest again on the portrait lingeringly. Cited from God's Good Man, by Marie Corelli
  • Helen May felt as though he had taken her in his arms and kissed her lingeringly. Cited from Starr, of the Desert, by B. M Bower
  • Henri's deep, purple eyes looked long into her own brown ones as he lingeringly released her hand. Cited from Ruth Fielding at the War Front, by Alice B. Emerson
  • She stood irresolutely a moment or two, and then slowly and lingeringly returned to the house. Cited from A Day Of Fate, by E. P. Roe
  • He turned her face to his and kissed her lingeringly. Cited from Judith of the Godless Valley, by Honore Willsie
  • He smiled upon her again (he was finding that rather easy to do) and closed the door lingeringly behind him. Cited from The Long Shadow, by B. M. Bower
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How lingeringly gets used

Meaning of lingeringly

  • adverb In a slow, leisurely or prolonged way
    her voice was swift, yet ever the last words fell lingeringly" -Rossetti