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  • You have to get inside things to find out how limitless they are. Cited from This Is the End, by Stella Benson
  • And his faith in her had become as limitless as the blue space above him. Cited from The Danger Trail, by James Oliver Curwood
  • He has limitless funds, due to having discovered a process to turn lead into gold.
  • The moment you have complete mental control of your life is the moment you become limitless.
  • The difference between these two places is as great as the limitless sky. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 3
  • He can no longer see its limits, since it is, so to speak limitless.
  • The actual space relations in which things stand to each other may not be limitless. Cited from An Introduction to Philosophy, by George Stuart Fullerton
  • Now, with limitless time and space and intelligence to work with, what have we? Cited from Dorian, by Nephi Anderson
  • On turning a corner they saw before them the limitless blue ocean. Cited from Une Vie, by Guy de Maupassant
  • The power of the human word, of the human voice -- how limitless it is! Cited from Swirling Waters, by Max Rittenberg
  • The Lord has created all men from the limitless joy of His being. Cited from Autobiography of a YOGI, by Paramhansa Yogananda
  • Where in all the limitless forest she could be found at any particular time her lover could not tell. Cited from An Algonquin Maiden, by G. Mercer Adam
  • Technology provided a limitless supply of energy, and the lives of the people were rich.
  • What a limitless fool he must have been in his conduct of the whole thing. Cited from Christopher and Columbus, by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim
  • He has also studied a lot to a point where he's able to create limitless poems.
  • Their number seems limitless, yet actual count will show that the eye has been deceived. Cited from The New Heavens, by George Ellery Hale
  • Do they not see this country with its limitless resources? Cited from Confiscation, An Outline, by William Greenwood
  • Internet, on the other hand, has the limitless capacity, due to the end-to-end design.
  • With limitless power he becomes the greatest actor of the 19th century.
  • Then we would be lost men, treading our round of death in a limitless forest. Cited from Recreations in Astronomy, by Henry Warren
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